27 December 2011

Solution for Charging Ipad / Iphone On PC

Hello guys,

Having trouble when charging your Ipad/ Iphone with your PC??

From my reading, the reason why your ipad not charging when connected to PC because of its different input power (maybe). It is weird when it doesnt charge if connected to PC but does when connected to Macbook ( any kind of Apple Product). This might be the compatibility designed to all apple product.

I'm not going to discuss about this problem WHY it happen, since I had have found the solution.

Go to this website : Click here and download the "Asus Ai Charger". You will get it in Zip file, extract and install.
Then you are done! Now you can charge your Ipad or Iphone to your PC at any condition, whether your PC is on working mode, standby, sleep or even shutdown. Based on the "Asus Ai Charger" website, the charging will be faster.

*I tried it and it is working perfectly. a bit faster compare when using my macbook pro. 

I hope it works for everyone. thanks.

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