12 April 2011

Finally final...


Final exam begin....

My situation.

Yes, winter term 2011, I have 6 subjects all together including one of them is laboratory subject. no final exam on it. So I have 5 papers for final, math,physics,Che,Chem, and Electric. one down(math) and the rest will start few days later... even though its final exam, I still have homeworks to do and need to be submitted on the final exam.. portfolio.. I tell u, the most scary,weird,hard,non-understandable,unstable marks,"most-unlike", luck-based subject for me is always electric.. no purpose for chemical engineers at all.. (maybe) except makes my course harder,and very helpful to get lower cgpa. hahaha..

but, now its final, means this is my last effort to spend on it, no more after this... (even I haven't start study for it yet).. Gud lark for me, my friends and all student in ur study.

*sorry coz I'm not good in english,even writing or speaking or grammar (worst ever)..


amn said...

seum dwa!

long time no chat huh?

Fahmie said...

seum dwa pebende?